Tumbler 12oz Prismatic


Lean Bean Reusable Coffee Cups made using Trademark Thermal Insulation Technology means it keeps your drink hot / cold for hours and it’s also made from medical grade stainless steel means it’s very rugged too. With its powder coated finish and ergonomic design its a crowd pleaser. This Prismatic colour is the original Lean Bean Tumbler with the Lean Bean logo in the light lemon colour.

12oz is the perfect size for you if your go to coffee is a Cappuccino or Latte.


Grab and never let go of your Reusable Coffee Cup. With a hand feel known to make hearts skip a beat, it draws eyes with an understated silhouette and glorious powder coat finish. Fitting comfortably in cupholders and daily routines alike, the Tumbler flexes to any beverage you fancy while impressively maintaining its temperature.


  • Thermo 3D ™ Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology
  • 18/8 Medical grade stainless steel doesn’t transfer flavour & no metal aftertaste
  • Hardshell™ powder coat (coloured tumblers)
  • Lid and cup are BPA free. Press-on lid prevents splashes and keeps drinks warm longer
  • Cup holder compatible
  • Funds Eco projects that you can follow
  • Discounted Coffee*

Like your coffee extra hot?

Hate when your coffee is cold by the time you get back to your desk?

With it’s double walled thermo 3D ™ technology our tumbler will you keep your drink hot for hours or cold if you’re having an iced drink.

We have previously sold different reusable cups but never found one that we were happy to put our name on. Well we found one that ticks all the box’s, after listening to all our customers who had issues with alternative reusable cups such as:

  • doesn’t keep my drink hot
  • breaks
  • doesn’t fit in my cup holder
  • doesn’t taste as nice

We’re confident that this tumbler / reusable cup does it all.

Available in 12oz in White and Prismatic. 12oz is the ideal size if you like Americano’s / Latte’s / Cappuccino’s.

*You also get 15c back on your hot drink when you use your Lean Bean Tumbler. 🙂

Follow Your Impact

Each sale helps fund a project you can follow with a unique code on each bottle

1. Flip your Reusable Coffee Cup

over to find your Give Code™.

2. Register

your Give Code™ by entering it here

3. Follow

along and receive project updates and information related to advocacy, volunteer opportunities and more.


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