House Blend Coffee


Our House Blend is a medium Roast Blend from Central & South America. This coffee packs a punch and so was named after the boxer Jake LaMotta. It is a rich and full bodied coffee with notes of dark stone fruits, cacao & roasted nuts. Choose 250g or 500g bag. , whole or ground.


Our House Blend Coffee Beans

‘Lamotta’ roasted by The Old Barracks in Tipperary. 100% Arabica this coffee is a medium Roast Blend from Brazil & Guatemala. Premium sourced, our House Blend Coffee Beans from Central & South America full of robust flavours. This coffee packs a punch and so was named after the boxer Jake LaMotta. It is a rich and full bodied coffee with notes of dark stone fruits, cacao & roasted nuts. Available in Whole Bean or Ground in 250g or 500g bags.

More about Our House Blend Coffee Beans

Farms where the beans are grown like any crop are seasonal and thus run out. This means we have to continually change farms or / and crops and thus the beans change. To keep our house blend of coffee beans consistent with the flavour profile we have established means we try to source the most similar beans from the same countries in the same proportions. Then once we have the right beans we adjust the roast profiles slightly to counter act changes in flavour.  When the season changes, the bean from Guatemala can run out so if it does it gets replaced with a bean from Columbia.

Roasting Process

Our Coffee Partners at The Old Barracks in Birdhill, Tipperary get the beans shipped to them and then they roast them weekly in small batches. Each batch then gets shipped to us and then rests for a week in our store to release natural gases that occur during the roasting process. We then use them in week 2 where they are at their very best.

Our House Blend Coffee by our Barista’s

To get the very best from the coffee every morning our Barista’s set up the coffee (espresso) for the day through a process called ‘dialling in’. As each batch of beans can change slightly from week to week and season to season or farm to farm etc the Barista is then the last port of call to rectify any changes and to make sure we get all the right flavours out of our coffee. There are many factors that can alter the taste of the espresso which is the base for all coffee drinks so we Barista taste tests every morning sets the parameters for the day and continues tasting throughout the day to make sure the coffee is consistent.

Process:  Washed

Washed coffee or also known as wet coffee is the process where the coffee bean has had various fruit layers removed before the drying process begins. Traditionally a washed coffee is where the use of water has been applied to wash off the mucilage after the coffee has been fermented

Flavour Profile:

Dark Stone Fruits, Cacao & Roasted Nuts.

Origin:   Brazil & Guatemala (Central & South America)

Brewing Method Recommendations:


17.5g – 18g coffee in, 36g – 40g coffee out for about 30  -33 seconds.


20g – 4 mins total brew time including 30 seconds bloom time at the start.

Additional information

Weight N/A

250g, 500g


Whole Bean, Aeropress, French Press, Moka Pot, Espresso, V60, Chemex


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